July 2nd This Day in History Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act

July 2, 2010
By Vannini

Notable Events

963 – The imperial army proclaims Nicephorus Phocas to be Emperor of the Romans on the plains outside Cappadocian Caesarea.

1494 – The Treaty of Tordesillas is ratified by Spain.

1644 – English Civil War: the Battle of Marston Moor.

1698 – Thomas Savery patents the first steam engine.

1776 – The Continental Congress adopts a resolution severing ties with Great Britain although the wording of the formal Declaration of Independence is not approved until July 4.

1777 – Vermont becomes the first American territory to abolish slavery.

1839 – Twenty miles off the coast of Cuba, 53 rebelling African slaves led by Joseph Cinque take over the slave ship Amistad.

1863 – American Civil War: second day of the Battle of Gettysburg.

1890 – The U.S. Congress passes the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

1900 – The first zeppelin flight takes place on Lake Constance near Friedrichshafen, Germany.

1917 – The East St. Louis Riots end.

1937 – Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan are last heard from over the Pacific Ocean while attempting to make the first equatorial round-the-world flight.

1962 – The first Wal-Mart store opens for business in Rogers, Arkansas.

1964 – President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964 meant to prohibit segregation in public places.

1976 – North and South Vietnam, divided since 1954, reunite to form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

2000 – Vicente Fox Quesada is elected the first President of México from an opposition party, the Partido Acción Nacional, after more than 70 years of continuous rule by the Partido Revolucionario Institucional.

2003 – Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy, insults German MP Martin Schulz by calling him a “kapo” during a session of the European Parliament.

Notable Births

419 – Valentinian III, Roman Emperor (d. 455)

1819 – Charles-Louis Hanon, French composer (d. 1900)

1862 – William Henry Bragg, English physicist, Nobel laureate (d. 1942)

1877 – Hermann Hesse, German-born writer, Nobel laureate (d. 1962)

1893 – Ralph Hancock, Welsh garden designer (Rockefeller Center) (d. 1950)

1904 – René Lacoste, French tennis player (d. 1996)

1908 – Thurgood Marshall, American Supreme Court Justice (d. 1993)

1927 – Gene Ray, Founder of the Time Cube website and proponent of Time Cube philosophy

1946 – Richard Axel, American scientist, Nobel laureate

1947 – Larry David, American television producer

1964 – Andrea Yates, American murderer

1992 – Madison Chock, American ice dancer

Notable Deaths

1566 – Nostradamus, French astrologer (b. 1503)

1582 – Akechi Mitsuhide, Japanese samurai (b. 1528)

1778 – Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Swiss philosopher (b. 1712)

1778 – Bathsheba Spooner, American murderer (b. 1746)

1857 – Carlo Pisacane, Italian patriot (b. 1818)

1961 – Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1899)

1999 – Mario Puzo, American author (b. 1920)


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