Thursday June 17, 2010 – Happy Birthday Barry Manilow & Ken Livingstone

June 17, 2010
By Vannini

Notable Events

1462 – Vlad III the Impaler attempts to assassinate Mehmed II (The Night Attack) forcing him to retreat from Wallachia.

1565 – Matsunaga Hisahide assassinates the 13th Ashikaga shogun, Ashikaga Yoshiteru.

1579 – Sir Francis Drake claims a land he calls Nova Albion (modern California) for England.

1631 – Mumtaz Mahal dies during childbirth. Her husband, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan I, will spend more than 20 years building her mausoleum, the Taj Mahal.

1773 – Cúcuta (Colombia) is founded by Juana Rangel de Cuéllar.

1775 – American Revolutionary War: Battle of Bunker Hill

1789 – In France, the Third Estate declares itself the National Assembly.

1863 – Battle of Aldie in the Gettysburg Campaign of the American Civil War.

1876 – Indian Wars: Battle of the Rosebud – 1,500 Sioux and Cheyenne led by Crazy Horse beat back General George Crook’s forces at Rosebud Creek in Montana Territory.

1877 – Indian Wars: Battle of White Bird Canyon – the Nez Perce defeat the U.S. Cavalry at White Bird Canyon in the Idaho Territory.

1885 – The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor.

1901 – The College Board introduces its first standardized test, the forerunner to the SAT.

1933 – Union Station Massacre: in Kansas City, Missouri, four FBI agents and captured fugitive Frank Nash are gunned down by gangsters attempting to free Nash.

1939 – Last public guillotining in France: Eugen Weidmann, a convicted murderer, is guillotined in Versailles outside the Saint-Pierre prison.

1940 – World War II: Operation Ariel begins – Allied troops start to evacuate France, following Germany’s takeover of Paris and most of the nation.

1940 – The three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania fall under the occupation of the Soviet Union.

1944 – Iceland declares independence from Denmark and becomes a republic.

1953 – East Germany Workers Uprising: in East Germany, the Soviet Union orders a division of troops into East Berlin to quell a rebellion.

1972 – Watergate scandal: five White House operatives are arrested for burglarizing the offices of the Democratic National Committee, in an attempt by some members of the Republican party to illegally wiretap the opposition.

1987 – With the death of the last individual, the Dusky Seaside Sparrow becomes extinct.

1994 – Following a televised low-speed highway chase , O.J. Simpson is arrested for the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Notable Births

1239 – King Edward I of England (Edward Longshanks) (d. 1307)

1691 – Giovanni Paolo Pannini, Italian painter and architect (d. 1765)

1714 – Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten, German philosopher (d. 1762)

1811 – Jón Sigurðsson, Icelandic independence fighter (d. 1879)

1818 – Charles Gounod, French composer (d. 1893)

1832 – Sir William Crookes, English physicist and chemist (d. 1919)

1880 – Carl Van Vechten, American writer and photographer (d. 1964)

1882 – Igor Stravinsky, Russian composer (d. 1971)

1907 – Charles Eames, American designer and architect (d. 1978)

1915 – David “Stringbean” Akeman, American actor and country music banjo player (d. 1973)

1920 – François Jacob, French biologist, Nobel laureate

1940 – George Akerlof, American economist, Nobel laureate

1942 – Mohamed ElBaradei, Egyptian IAEA director, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

1943 – Barry Manilow, American musician

1945 – Ken Livingstone, English politician

1949 – Snakefinger, British-born guitarist, violinist, singer and songwriter (The Residents) (d. 1987)

1970 – Michael Showalter, American comedian

Notable Deaths

900 – Fulk the Venerable

1025 – Bolesław I the Brave, first king of Poland (b. 967)

1771 – Daskalogiannis, Cretan rebel (birth year unknown)

1952 – Jack Parsons, American rocket-fuel pioneer and renegade occultist (b. 1914)

1968 – José Nasazzi, Uruguayan footballer (b. 1901)

1996 – Thomas Kuhn, American philosopher of science (b. 1922)

2001 – Donald J. Cram, American chemist, Nobel laureate (b. 1919)

2008 – Tsutomu Miyazaki, Japanese serial killer (b. 1962)


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